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Nasrallah out-manuevers foes

Brilliant – and yes thoroughly political move (cynical? no… they are a RELIGIOUS PARTY after all!) – by hizbullah after they got headlines meeting the pope and keeping things quiet in lebanon… now to have NON-BURNING DOWN protests to dampen the sectarian card against them and turn the tide of news away from Syria (in a way kill TWO birds with one stone i.e. make al-qaeda crazies taking over in syria look even WORSE AND LEAD pro-islamic sentiment, in a non sectarian way).Plus the appearance of Nas himself – a great way to sublimate the Iranian warnings that they really can convince Hizbullah to do what they might need should push come to shove.
Does this have legs?
Nasrallah changed things this story by MAKING THE STORY HAVE LEGS – i.e. saying we are waiting to see if the WHOLE film is broadcast! So now the momentum and the protests and the focus CONTINUES… and possibly grows.
Smart move from Hizbullah after they found themselves severely limited in their manueverability (spell check)!

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September 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm

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