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Bibi can have his war against Iran with US help… but only through the Lebanon/Syria doorway

Interesting article here in Al-Khaleej interpreting the public Israeli discourse (translated by

The key point is becoming clearer in recent days: An Israeli UNPROVOKED attack on Iran is increasingly impossible. A strike – say against an alleged “transfer” of WMDs, of “sophisticated weapons” etc whatever… all of which can be easily cloaked in uncertainty, dubious “intelligence” he said/she said etc – now in Lebanon or Syria will almost inevitably set off the chain reaction of a major conflict that goes straight to Tehran – i.e. Bibi’s goal.

An Israeli strike in Lebanon and/or Syria will FORCE Obama to back Israel in its initial actions, and when the fighting gets deeper, more violent and more open – when Hizbullah is striking Israel hard as Israel is finally acknowledging is possible – Iran can and will be pulled in, through multiple pathways.

So lest one think that the last few days have CLOSED the door on an Israeli strike against Iran, the reality is that it has only made it CLEARER exactly how Bibi must navigate to get the same endpoint.

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September 6, 2012 at 8:05 pm

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