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Leaked “testimony” said to be of Michel Samaha published in M14’s Al-Joumhouria

This is our translation [click for original in arabic], available in tonight’s daily briefing, of what the pro-March 14, Murr owned and much (rightfully) criticized Lebanese newspaper Al-Joumhouria claims is leaked surveillance of Michel Samaha. I believe the judicial action is proceeding against exactly these kinds of leaks which are of course harmful to the process of justice anywhere, and especially now in Lebanon, at this particular moment, to say the least


On August 27, the pro-opposition, privately-owned Al-Joumhouria newspaper carried the “official minutes” of the investigations into former Minister Michel Samaha, featuring (what the paper said was) the transcript of a recorded conversation between him and the informant who led to his arrest. The following are some excerpts:

“…Informant: “How are they [i.e. the leaders of the Syrian regime]?

Samaha: “The situation is fine. They are fine.

Informant: “And our friend’s new center?

Samaha: “Excellent.

Informant: “Better than the first one?

Samaha: “Yes. Now, all the apparatuses go back to him… Him and his office are in the [presidential] palace to keep the president informed about the security issue…

Informant: “I expected some things to change following the reshuffling that took place.

Samaha: “You mean for Rustom to be ousted?

Informant: “No, I am talking about my friend, our friend. I thought he might no longer enjoy the same authority.

Samaha: “Who? Ali?

Informant: “Yes.

Samaha: “He is much stronger now. This has nothing to do with the whole situation… In any case, I do not know when our freight will arrive. They will tell me.

Informant: “So they are moving forward with this?

Samaha: “Yes they are. But there was a slight amendment to the sum. They lowered it to 170.

Informant: “Did you tell them I did not count my share?

Samaha: “Yes, yes. The president and Ali are saying you have a share of your own…

Informant: “Whatever you see fit.

Samaha: “You can start your work.

Informant: “Let me tell you I am not sleeping. I am working and so are my people.

Samaha: “He did not let me carry the money but it is on its way. They will be here between tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

Informant: “Fine…

Samaha: “They also told me that you will have the freight within an hour or two.

Informant: “Did you tell them about the guns?

Samaha: “Of course. I told them two guns with silencers and asked for all the rest… What are they doing?

Informant: “Who?

Samaha: “The people you are monitoring?

Informant: “Smuggling armed men and purchasing ammunition from the Tripoli and Akkar markets. There is a lot of ammunition and a lot of money in hard currency. Iftars are also being held and attended by deputies. I do not know if you spoke to them about targets. Will Ali define the targets, or [informant was interrupted].

Samaha: “They are organizing iftars in the presence of deputies? You can kill deputies, [Khaled] Ad-Daher for example, or his brother or any among the political leaders of the Free Syrian Army, or Syrians including armed men somewhere. You could target an ammunition warehouse or the roads they travel by. After two or three strikes, they will no longer take these roads. These are the targets.

Informant: “What about the sects?

Samaha: “They do not want Alawis.

Informant: “If the mufti of Akkar is present in one of the iftars, what do we do? It is believed he will be attending one of those iftars.

Samaha: “If there are good targets, you can go ahead… We do not want to tell him not to go. I do not want him to know anything.

Informant: “Fine.

Samaha: “Are you talking about the mufti of the Alawis?

Informant: “No, I am talking about [informant interrupted].

Samaha: “The mufti of the Sunnis.

Informant: “Yes, indeed.

Samaha: “It is fine…””

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