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Remember that Israel sites Military installations in civilian populated areas too

During the next conflict, one must remember a little discussed fact in most of the media – that Israel, much like many of its enemies, Hizbullah included, widely sites military installations, command and control facilities, hidden/open arms depots etc. in and around civilian populated areas (IDF HQ which Hizbullah will likely try to bring down with missile strikes is right next to one of the largest hospitals in Israel!). This will be forgotten of course, as it always is. Here in the LA Times a casual, passing acknowledgement that does not cause the reporter any pause:

“Everyone is talking about it all the time,” Gilboa said. “The waiting is the hardest part.” He says he’s made arrangements to pick up a gas protection suit for his soon-to-arrive infant, but has noticed with concern that the delivery hospital is next door to a military compound. “I just hope they don’t start the war while the baby is being delivered.”

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August 28, 2012 at 8:45 pm

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