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Israel makes Dahiye Doctrine official and arrives at Shlomo Argov moment

With the Shas “blessing” this weekend secured – to wipe Iran from the map – the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moved on to making public and delivering the threat that is the Dahiye Doctrine – the wide destruction of Lebanon in the next war that will bring great pain directly to civilian populations, including death to non combatants.

Also accomplished is the blurring of the lines between a “hizbullah provocation” and a direct attack – the former, looser term now is used.

We are therefore at the Shlomo Argov moment that Nasrallah always talks about – the only, last piece which those Israeli leaders who want a clarifying war need is “the provocation.” As in 1982, before the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, all it takes is some rogue actor/some false flag operation to make one small step like the attempted assassination of Israeli diplomat Argov in faraway London by an Anti-Arafat group who wanted to have the Israeli’s invade to destroy Arafat etc.

Al-Qaeda of 12012 is the Abu Nidal group of 1982, it seems.

Arafat then Nasrallah now, in this narrow sense.


“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his country would launch a strike against Lebanon if Hizbullah provoked Tel Aviv.

Israeli daily Haaretz reported on Monday that a western diplomat conveyed Netanyahu’s message to the Lebanese government.

The Israeli PM had held talks with the western diplomat in Jerusalem recently, the daily said.

“As far as we’re concerned, the Lebanese government is responsible for whatever happens in its jurisdiction,” Netanyahu allegedly told the Western diplomat.

The Israeli daily quoted a senior official as saying: “Netanyahu perceives Hizbullah as part of the Lebanese administration… therefore; he clarified that if Hizbullah attacks Israel, the latter will strike back forcefully- without differentiating between Hizbullah and the State of Lebanon.”

However, Haaretz said that Netanyahu’s office refused to comment on the report.

The daily said that any Hizbullah strike against Israel would prompt the Israeli Defense Forces to retaliate against Lebanon’s “infrastructure… and would not limit the strike to targets identified with Hizbullah.”

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August 27, 2012 at 11:25 am

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