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Daily Star says “source” in the know asserts that the Hezbollah leadership divided over Syrian crisis; Nasrallah is kind of a softie on the issue it turns out

I know it is the Daily Star and it has not been taken seriously as a media outlet for a long time, but look at this piece and how incredibly sloppy it is, headlined with the definitive statement, not that a “source” says or even Hizbullah SAID TO BE… etc etc: “Hezbollah leadership divided over Syrian crisis”


“…At the same time, a French diplomatic source expressed the European Union’s concern over the violence in Lebanon, especially Tripoli, adding that EU countries are closely following the security incidents – particularly the tit-for-tat kidnappings – in the country. The source called on Lebanese leaders to prevent these incidents from escalating further and vowed that Europe would continue to support Lebanon’s stability.

Others[?????] in Lebanon believe that the Syrian attempts to export its violence to its neighbor is a real and present danger, especially considering the discovery of the terrorist plot that led to the arrest of Michel Samaha.

Diplomatic sources [now plural] who have closely followed Hezbollah’s recent statements say that the party is cautiously studying developments in the region before moving forward [A BIG SCOOP!]. The sources say that the party is in a precarious position since a major part of the Shiite axis that stretched from Tehran to Baghdad to Beirut is being hit by developments in Syria.

The French source [NOW back to our diplomatic source we presume?] says that the party is preparing to decide between fully backing the Syrian regime by pushing violence in Lebanon or keeping its distance from Damascus and engaging in National Dialogue.

There is a significant division in Hezbollah’s leadership over the decision, says the source. Some believe that the party should stand by Tehran and Damascus even if it means taking part in full-on regional conflict and forcing its terms on its rivals in Lebanon through violence.

Other leaders, including party chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, [HOW IN THE WORLD does this french diplo source know this….how can the Star publish such wild speculation?] see that partnership with the Lebanese is important and should not be overlooked and believe that National Dialogue would serve the party best. These leaders contend that Hezbollah’s demands will only be fulfilled through the dialogue and that without it, the party would risk losing a decade of the resistance’s achievements.


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August 27, 2012 at 11:48 am

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