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Nasrallah warns that events are moving out of its desire to control them

Nasrallah, below, is essentially saying (I think): we are not going to fight parts of our own community – so take this warning to heed, and quick. Hizbullah may have the raw power to intervene one way or another – but this would be immensely costly.

“..We are a group of people who fear Allah. We know all the means of manipulations and tricks but we fear Allah. We did not even and we will not play roles. Let the Lebanese government and the dialogue table know and the central Security Council in Lebanon know and all the Lebanese political forces know that what took place in the past couple of days is being beyond control. Do you want a clearer declaration? That was incontrollable by Hezbollah and Amal Movement. Read that as you like. Understand it as you wish, and act accordingly. Reconsider the idea that says there is a definite situation in Lebanon which is under control, and that this duo – Amal Movement and Hezbollah – is controlling the situation and that in a word, so and so is able to make the people leave the street. Reconsider this idea. In this political performance, media performance and inhuman performance, the square is moving beyond control. Let everyone assume his responsibility. When the people blocked the Airport Highway, we in Hezbollah and our brethrens in Amal Movement showed up at the scene. In the first hour, we could not convince them. In another hour, we could not convince them. For a third hour, we could not convince them. Is the Army to clash with the people then? The policy of the Army clashing with the people does not exist. In other places that took place some time in the past. Then we showed up at Airport Highway. We told the people to take into consideration Lebanon, the country, the travelers, and what the Foreign Minister said quoting Turks that their sons are safe. We told them let’s be through with blocking Airport Highway. We could finally wrap up the story by the end of the day. However, things must be approached in a different way. The case of the Lebanese kidnapped has turned into a humanistic tragedy, a media comedy and a grand political blackmailing party. I will not say anymore. At least we are not being able to convince the Turks, we are not able to reach the kidnappers, and we are not able to act so far. I don’t know if in the future we would be able to do better or not. Our options are limited…”

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August 22, 2012 at 1:45 am

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