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Nasrallah on Craving an Israeli first strike

Not a great translation from the hizbullah media office, but Nasallah’s Quds day speech the other day is critical in laying out the dynamic that I wrote about here on “craving war, but not wanting it,” as he once put it… and on understanding the way Hizbullah is playing the psych ops war to stoke the Israeli’s into what he clearly thinks will be a fatal preemptive strike for the future of zionism:

“…Why hasn’t Israeli struck it so far? Why is this argument still taking place in Israel? Why are they still thinking whether to strike Iran or not? That’s because Iran is strong and courageous and because the Israelis know for sure – I know for sure and everyone knows for sure that the response of the Islamic Republic will be very great, shocking, and stunning in case it was attacked by Israel. Israel would in fact be offering Iran the golden historic chance which it has been dreaming of for 32 years. This certitude is not based on analysis but rather on information. Thus yes, there is a crisis and an argument in Israel, and that’s why they are hesitant.

Let no one understand from my words and analysis that I take it for granted that Israel will no strike Iran. I am not saying so. However, I am sure Israel is very much awesome from hitting Iran, it is very much afraid, it is very much worried, and this is very much important.

So, this is the lesson for every Arab country and Arab people to spare themselves Israeli danger, aggression, and threat. There is a clear logic which no one would argue about. Even in the extraordinary Arab summit, the Arab moderate axis said: “We are in a country that does not accept the strong.” Great! How are we to be great? Is that through factional and sectarian ordeals, destroying our country and devastating our homelands?

Any Arab country which wants to spare itself Israeli aggression and threat must be strong. Nothing else work – no poetry, no prose, and no movie. This is the reality we live in…”

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August 22, 2012 at 12:30 am

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