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Big Attacks in the Offing for Damascus Soon

Well it does not take a good analyst to think this… but it seems clear that the FSA, jihadis and their various backers are about to, post Eid, go full throttle in spectacular attacks in Damascus. Here is but one translation recently from our

On August 16, the Saudi-owned London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily carried the following report by its correspondent in Beirut Caroline Akoum: “One month after the explosion that targeted the building of the national security apparatus in Damascus, thus causing the death of four prominent assistants to President Bashar al-Assad, Damascus was yesterday in the range of fire of the Free Syrian Army. In this respect, clashes took place in the capital between the FSA elements and units loyal to the regime in the Mazzeh neighborhood. In the morning, an explosion had targeted the building of the army command inside Damascus. The head of the FSA, Colonel Riad al-Ass’ad, said that his men were behind the attack. He added: “This is a very important and qualitative operation and it targeted a military meeting that was attended by senior army commanders…”

“For his part, Colonel Mustafa ash-Sheikh, the head of the military council in the FSA, told Asharq al-Awsat that three operations took place in Damascus targeting the army command, the Iranian embassy and the prime minister’s offices. He added: “These are legitimate targets for our men and it is the right of the Syrian people to attack these places after everything that has happened. In the next stage, we will be focusing our operations in the capital Damascus in order to further weaken the regime forces.” He added: “Our main goal in the next stage will be to attack all the security posts and all the buildings that are used by the regime. We will also target key figures in the regime until we are able to bring it down.”

“[He continued:] “The operations that we have conducted yesterday are simple ones compared to what we will be doing next and we wanted to bring fear to their hearts and to destroy their morale. The authorities know by now that we are present everywhere and that we are able to get to them whenever we want to.” It must be noted that the Syrian television had said that an explosion had occurred early in the morning next to the hotel in which the international observers are staying… On the other hand, the Syrian regular forces conducted search operations in the Al-Kaboun area in Damascus and sounds of gunfire were heard in the capital. In Rif Damascus, the area of Hosh Arab is being targeted with heavy artillery and the regime has been trying for some time now to impose its control over it…”

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August 17, 2012 at 7:29 pm

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