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Please tell Tom Friedman that Arabs and Muslims do condemn suicide attacks from Muslims

One of the more hilarious and chauvinist sayings of Tom Friedman (Read THE IMPERIAL MESSENGER by Belen!) is  – and he repeats this over and over again even though he apparently never reads translations of the arab media or what leaders say in translation except from MEMRI – is that arabs and muslims – iraqis etc – only ever blame others or Israel etc for bombings – and they never protest against such bombings… they are only protesting danish cartoons etc.

This is of course absurd, but Nasrallah’s focus on this the other night was interesting, especially given the rise of Takfiri’s next door in Syria which may mean that a MULTI FRONT war is now in the offing – vis a vis Israel AND the Takfiris who may pull (with enough counter actions by Shi’i) enough Sunnis into a sectarian conflict.

The Israeli military planners surely are calculating that they only real way to “destroy” hizbullah is NOT by the Dahiye doctrine alone – leveling Lebanon into the stone age. This will not “do the job”…. The only way to reach this aim is to have hizbullah ALSO be fought from within the Islamist/Lebanese/Arab domain, violently and not just discursively.

This is a HUGE risk for Israel, and it will be immensely violent and I think of course stupid, but they may just calculate that the resultant chaos and the Takfiri’s etc. are more easily dealt with via Iron Dome and intelligence work etc – and the prize of a beaten Hizbullah is just too tantalizing.

Very depressing to think this may be the course that is pursued.


“…I have said in the past and tonight I will say again: there are two main threats to the security, peace, stability, unity and tranquility in this region: First, Israel and second the mind of deeming others infidel and of killing and slaughtering which is being spread in our Arab and Islamic world and backed with governments and countries which are financing it with billions of dollars from the Arab oil profits which must be spent on the poor, the needy, the illiterate, the ill and the unemployed. However, they are being spent in that framework.

See for example the incident that took place in Yemen two days ago. I am not concerned whether the targeted person in southern Yemen is moral or immoral. In fact, I do not know him. However a couple of days ago, and to kill a Yemeni official, a suicide bomber related to such a group entered a consolation session massed with people and detonated himself killing 45 people from among the attendance while 50 others were killed. The targeted person was not killed. Indeed the suicide bomber was killed.

This is the mentality. Thus before this incident, we on one hand pose before the results and repercussions and on the other we must be aware because this mentality has made and will make the entire nation pay more and more at the expense of its values, religion, sanctities, peoples, blood, and dignity.

Indeed on these sorrowful and painful days, we add to this what is taking place around us in the entire region. In Syria, there is killing, bloodshed, demolition, victims, kidnapping of Lebanese and Iranian visitors, and families living in anxiety and danger. In Iraq, explosions are sporadic. In Bahrain, there are aggressions against peaceful people. This is beside what is taking place in Qateef and Burma. Unfortunately all what is taking place around us does not call for happiness and cheerfulness though these days are days of happiness for being in the hospitality of Allah Al Mighty. Indeed, the absence of governments, states and regimes is recorded. None of them are today preoccupied with curing these wounds. Unfortunately, all are involved in increasing these wounds and in pushing things towards more tension, crises and difficulties. I wanted first to point to these events which impose on us to take such a stance…”

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August 16, 2012 at 9:22 pm

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