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Nasrallah’s shift on Resistance-Army relationship

On second review, I think Nasrallah’s august 1 speech represents a critical public shift on the relationship between the resistance and the army in lebanon – under pressure, surely, and in a way to preempt the kinds of moves/calls we see today from jumblatt on rethinking the triad “people, army resistance.”

I would argue that Nasrallah’s proposal for DIRECT COORDINATION (though not “control” of course) is a major shift towards the trial balloon released by Birri in 2008 which called for a joint operations room – the first time so close an ally of Hizbullah had said as much.

I wrote about this idea here in a 2008 policy paper… this was always an intelligent way for outside preponderant actors like the US, and M14, to move the discourse and politics in lebanon towards undermining/containing Hizbullah’s desire and ability to exercise violence. Of course, this method of dealing with Hizbullah was not taken up by Obama or M14….and we live with the consequences now which is no real, politically viable NON-WAR approach being available.

Nasrallah’s proposal may mean little as the wider region moves quickly towards a climactic conflict – but excellent politics to have it out there before things spark off.

He said:

“The problem is that the arms of the Resistance is confined in the hands of one group from one sect. This is the problem. How are we to reconcile between the cause and the problem? This is what we are to find a solution to. We have an army. We want a strong army; we want a resistance; we want a coordination between the Army and the Resistance which reaches the highest level without developing to the level of control. That means we do not put the Resistance under the control of the Army or the control of the state. If coordination develops to the level of control, the Army will be over. That means should the Resistance be under the control of the Army, the latter would be hit in any confrontation with Israel. PM Al Hoss is saying so. He is a man of state. He is not an official in Hezbollah. He is not an adherent to arms or anything of this sort. He saw the whole balance and lived all the experiences. He witnessed the victory of 2000 along with His Eminence President Emile Lahoud…”

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August 12, 2012 at 9:35 pm

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