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MEMRI slights of hand: Gen Walid Soukkariyeh on the balance of terror

MEMRI has a clip of loyalty to the resistance bloc MP Soukkariyeh here:

They try to make it seem as though he is saying an Iranian nuclear weapon would be USED to “finish off the Zionist enterprise” whereas he is offering the standard analysis, accepted by many Israelis, that such a weapon or weapon potential would fundamentally change the “balance of terror,” that its use is hardly the main event/point and that, moreover, one key basis of Zionism, perhaps THE CRUX – overwhelming military superiority over its ememies – would be so debased that the project would collapse, quite apart form any actual use of the weapon… REMEMBER THIS IS BASICALLY AMBASSADOR OREN’S OWN ARGUMENT in his famous 7 existential threats article.

These nuances dont matter for MEMRI of course, but columnists and policymakers take these translations as such and go to battle stations essentially deaf, ill-informed… which usually results in major disasters like the iraq war, the july 2006 war etc etc….Either way the main point = war is the result, fought stupidly or smartly might not really matter in the end.

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August 10, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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