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NY Times Surprised by Jalili comments: But It was ALWAYS Seen As Such by the Resistance Axis

Damien Cave who is now reporting from Beirut for the New York Times does not seem to know that Jalil’s “tone and substance” is NOT a “recast”…. this is the very public line that has been operative since the beginning of the conflict, since the famous tripartite mtg with Nasrallah-Ahmadinejad-Assad. he wrote:

“In tone and substance, Iranian officials seem to be recasting Syria’s role in the region in the same uncompromising rhetoric of Iran’s battle with the West over its nuclear program. As Iran suffocates under international anti-nuclear sanctions, its leaders appear to have bundled Syria’s fight with their own, warning countries to stop meddling with Mr. Assad.”

I wrote on this subject here and here.

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August 8, 2012 at 12:52 pm

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