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Iron dome and anti-missile preformance is the key in the next conflict

This UPI article now puts the success rate at 75% for iron dome against poorer Gaza based rockets… down from the earlier picture it seems.

Note the heavy additional US spending…. indeed, as per Hillary Clinton’s 2010 AIPAC speech on the declining rate of return in this particular technological equation (her warning to Israel), everyone knows massive amounts on money are needed in this area above all else, since this is where the heart of the next conflict’s calculations will be fought.

Note to – MORE THAN 20 iron dome systems alone are needed for decent coverage!:


“…It’s intercepted more than 90 Russian-designed Grad rockets and Hamas-built Qassem rockets since its first interception in April 2011.

It’s notched up a kill rate of around 75 percent of those rockets it engaged. Military sources say that’s expected to increase because of improvements in Iron Dome’s software and radar, built by Israel Aerospace Industries, as well as modifications to the system’s operational doctrine.

Much of the upgrade effort has been paid for by the United States.

In May, the U.S. Congress approved almost $1 billion for Israel’s planned four-tier missile defense shield, on top of the annual $3.1 billion in military aid, for fiscal 2013.

Iron Dome gets the lion’s share with $680 million, on top of a $205 million U.S. appropriation in fiscal 2012.

Four Iron Dome batteries have been deployed since the system was certified operational in 2011. But military planners say at least 20 are needed to provide effective protection for the country.

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August 7, 2012 at 10:47 pm

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