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Preparing for war: the new public claim in Israel – deaths will be EXTREMELY limited in next war

The clearest indicator yet – although there are many – that the great regional contest is approaching with the degraded(ing) Resistance Axis intelligently, brutally, focusing on Israel….

…and the Israeli establishment is MORE THAN happy to go down this road.

When I read the public propaganda like this below – about low low low casualties – I am reminded of a conference in 2010 which I and Exum were panelists at… and the leading Israeli think tank head/expert scoffed at my suggestion that hizbullah might be able to bring down buildings in Tel Aviv. They were “a bit better” in their punch than Hamas, he retorted, but really like little flies in their capacity.

For a time in the regional media and in israel there was some reality about how bad this approaching regional conflict will be – now with reports like these, that work is being rapidly undone:

“The Israeli Defense Ministry estimated that if the country engaged in a war with Hizbullah and Iran some 200 Israeli civilians would die.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the number of fatalities could rise to 300 if Syria joins the war as well.

The Defense Ministry experts said that there would be “less than one fatality for every ballistic missile,” warning against Hizbullah’s arsenal that contains short and medium-range Katyusha rockets and hundreds of relatively accurate M-600 rockets.

The experts say that these rockets could strike the center of Israel.”

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August 2, 2012 at 7:27 pm

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