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In FP, SEBASTIAN ROTELLA answers the question: why have the attacks by Iran+Hizb been so amateurish? They are brown of course

Rotella dredges up this bit of racism from an “analyst” about why the recent plots attributed by Israel and some in the US to Iran and Hizbullah have been largely unsuccessful. Amazing that this is in an FP piece that purports to be serious:

“…Although the case reveals skullduggery in the heart of the West, the bumbling clashes with the formidable image of the Iranian security forces.

“Why have they been so unsuccessful?” said Alfoneh, the Iran military expert. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is a Third World country, contrary to what people believe. … Experience has shown when they operate very far away, their success rate is not good.”

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July 31, 2012 at 1:07 am

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