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Hamas Commentator Goes Sectarian: “victory over the criminal Nusayri regime” in Syria

Well at least one of Hamas’s news outlets is hitting the sectarian anti-Alawite button…hard.

Here in a commentary by Dr Isam Shawir in the Hamas controlled Filastin al-An he says: “The situation was under control for more than 16 months in spite of the death of around 10,000 Syrian civilians. But in the wake of the killing of the ministers of defence and interior and the deputy chief of staff, the leaders of crime in the Al-Asad regime, the United States announced that the situation is no longer under control. Is it no longer under Al-Asad, the United States, or the UN Security Council’s control? The White House spokesman said at his news conference that President Bashar al-Asad is quickly losing control and the international community must expeditiously interfere to prevent a civil and sectarian war while the US Secretary of Defence, speaking at Congress said in a more accurate manner “that the situation in Syria is quickly getting out of control,” that “the crisis in Syria has reached the point of real escalation,” and that “the international community must exert the utmost pressure to have Al-Asad step down.”

“The US stand explicitly shows how much the US Administration holds on to despot Bashar Al-Asad until a substitute leadership is found that will serve the -Zionist-US interests, particularly the protection of the borders and security of the occupation state. As for the Russian-Chinese opposition it is like Al-Asad’s opposition and is based on immediate interests for neither Russia is interested in the fate of Al-Asad nor Al-Asad cares about resisting the occupation. On the contrary, he has been the most loyal protector of “Israel’s” security. However, since the pillars of the Al-Asad regime have begun to collapse, we will witness a US-Russian-Chinese accord for the failure of the international community to intervene expeditiously in Syria means the birth of a new regime in Syria that will not be under the control of the United States.

“The entire world remained silent on all the massacres that the Al-Asad regime has committed and even conspired against the Syrian people using many tools, including the Arab League, the United Nations, and the UN Security Council. But with the change in the situation on the ground, the Free Syrian Army is the one that has the initiative for it controls more than 70 per cent of the Syrian territory and does not need now any foreign intervention in spite of the crimes that the collapsing regime will commit in its last days. From this premise, we hope that the Free Syrian Army will not be deceived by the generous offers that the United States will make to let 16 months of the revolution, the blood of thousands of martyrs and wounded go to waste. We wish the Syrian people all the good and victory over the criminal Nusayri regime.”

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July 23, 2012 at 11:29 pm

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