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NEIL MacFARQUHAR story (miraculously) leaves out Hizbullah-Aoun alliance…

But one of the main problems with reporting on this story is that people will read the NY Times back home and elsewhere and think one thing about Iranian money in Lebanon NOT because of what is in the article but because of what Neil incredibly leaves out. The political affiliation of the neutral voice mayor is simply left out – an impossible omission in Lebanon. ONLY hizbullah and Aounist enemies are cited – MARWAN HAMADEH is not listed as THE MAIN anti hizbullah figure in the country… and a phalangist closes the story. Could Neil not have found one Aounist for the story.

But then the main problem – NO MENTION of the enduring aoun-hibzullah alliance – i.e. that the main christian party is in a six year old political alliance with the “a-team” of terrorism.

Without JUST this aspect, the story does a big disservice to readers who will be left, quite reasonably, with the Hamadeh feeling in their mouth – on which has been highly corrosive, of course, to the case for peace, freedom and justice in the region and in Lebanon.

FINALLY – I do not have enough time to go back and look at the nasrallah speech itself right now, but Neil’s opening quote does not feel accurate – especially since it gives the impression to the reader that he in fact said ALL of the rebuilding is IRAN’S work…. whereas in the later paras Neil said nasrallah said half was iran…. Either way, misleading at best:

“By the same means that we got weapons and other stuff, money came as well,” the Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, exclaimed to roars of approval from the crowd. “All of this has been achieved through Iranian money!”

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May 25, 2012 at 12:13 pm

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