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FeltmanLeaks… again

I have not been able to explore this document of the feltman-future movement meeting yet… but if this is indeed the memo, it is more than hilarious – its tragic.

For me, at least former PM Siniora explains the “possibility” to Feltman – the reality, really, as has been clear since the beginning of the syrian protests – that in the event of an impending regime collapse, they have the means, desire and fortitude to bring the whole temple down on everyone’s head.

This is but ONE of the main reasons why the hard stick, hawk, military interventionist crowd in Washington and beyond were so wrong in advocating policies that would eventually enact this Samson option…. Of course, they and their friends tried to downplay this – IT IS SIMPLY NO LONGER POSSIBLE to downplay this critical angle.

More on this shortly!


leaked memo – supposedly – here

JF: It was horrifying.
FS: It was clearly intended to kill. There were probably three snipers, all directed at him and probably because of wind and distance or something of the sort they weren’t able to kill him. As we say in Arabic, he is destined to live more. On the other hand, there is a tense feeling among many Lebanese that if and when the Syrian regime will realize that it has lost all possible options, there is a possibility that it might resort to some sort of action [in Lebanon]. They are still in a state of denial.
But it is clear understanding that this [situation in Syria] is a slow process. It will take time and one has to accumulate things until this [toppling of regime] is achieved. But then again, there is complete recognition that there is no way back to the past.

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May 24, 2012 at 9:20 pm

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