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A lot to say of course on Lebanon, and yet more of the same in so many ways. One interesting piece is translated below in full by our Remember this is Murr’s newspaper…..M14 etc…. ANTI SYRIA AND ANTI HIZBULLAH! The future movement is indeed badly playing the situation politically and also morally. To echo some commentators, although this is not YET out there in full…. Imagine that the salafists now are being called nice “activists” by western papers…. al-qaeda connections are almost NEVER mentioned… because they are “with us” and against the worse (!) hizbullah-shiite axis.

The US and its allies cultivated, stoked and manipulated this salafist card for so long in Lebanon – and once again, it has created a monster that will even further devastate its aims and goals rather than those of its enemies… a la iraq and a la afghanistan.



On May 22, the independent privately-owned Al-Joumhouria newspaper carried the following report by Tarek Tarshishi: “A veteran Lebanese politician who witnessed the Lebanese war since its beginning, said that the Tarik al-Jdideh incidents in Beirut on Sunday night, ones which targeted the headquarters of the Arab Movement headed by Shaker al-Berjawi, will constitute a source of embarrassment to the Future Movement in Particular and the March 14 forces in general, despite all the signs revealing otherwise. Indeed, this politician considered that the Future Movement and its allies in Beirut committed a mistake at the level of the timing and the location, adding that the upcoming days will reveal the impact of this mistake on their political and popular status. At the level of the timing, these incidents shifted the attention away from what happened in Al-Kuweikhat in Akkar and the death of Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Wahed and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Merheb.

“This incident could have had a snowball effect, had the flames which erupted in homes and cars around Berjawi’s headquarters in Tarik al-Jdideh not stopped it. At the level of the location chosen by the Future Movement and its allies, it is an area which is considered to be a stronghold for the movement on the political and electoral level. Many from the region thus wondered about this jungle of weapons which emerged in their area, to launch a fierce battle against the headquarters of a party that includes a number of youth from the region and caused damage which affected many of those who used to march to the ballot boxes to elect the list of Prime Minister Sa’d al-Hariri “as it is.” The veteran politician added that the Future Movement based its instigating political rhetoric on two issues: The first is the rejection of the arms, and even the staging of the elections in light of the presence of these arms.

“However, those who reject those weapons used massive quantities of them in a safe area under the pretext of attacking the office of a licensed political party. As for the second issue, it is what happened on May 7, 2008. At this level, the Future Movement always recalls what happened in the capital in terms of the attack staged by the armed men of the opposition at the time against his headquarters in it. After what happened in Tarik al-Jdideh the day before last, another May 7 was carried out by those who spent four years recalling the first May 7. The politician added: “There are now two arms, and not just one. But the arms attacked by the Future Movement have a cause and justifications. What is the cause and what are the justifications of the weapons in the alleyways?…”

“On the other hand, the veteran politician assured: “The targeting of Al-Berjawi’s headquarters can fall under the Chinese saying “what does not kill me only makes me stronger.” Hence, Al-Berjawi exited this battle as a “Sunni Beiruti symbol of resistance, standing in the face of the Future Movement and its allies. Hence, this attack reminded the residents of Tarik al-Jdideh about this fighter among their own, carrying on his body the marks of the Israeli napalm when he participated in the confrontation of the Israeli invasion of Beirut in 1982…” Consequently, the veteran politician stated that these incidents might have a snowball effect in Beirut’s streets, going against the interests of the Future Movement, and might open wounds which no one will be able to seal. He continued: “The fact that Hezbollah and Amal distanced themselves from this battle and the military victory of their ally, stripped the Future Movement of the sectarian instigation tool…””

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