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Obama changing course on Syria towards war?

Joyce in Al Hayat today translated in our Daily Briefing… with the “new” syria team makeup, I would not be surprised if Obama does not make the fateful mistake of amping up the kinetic activity around and inside syria… a disasterous course of course.

Maybe its only fred hof who can restrain the feltman crew on this team? I wonder…

“…On April 20, the Saudi-owned London-based Al-Hayat daily carried in its paper edition the following report by its correspondent in Washington Joyce Karam: “The very fragile ceasefire agreement reached in Syria and the repeated violations committed by the Syrian forces drove Washington to change its approach and to support the return to the Security Council in order to adopt a tougher resolution against the Syrian regime if violence is not stopped. In this respect, an American official at the White House told Al-Hayat that the administration wanted to see punitive measures taken by the Security Council. However, the official did not specify what he exactly meant by punitive measures, although it has become clear that Washington is in contact with its allies in order to impose a buffer zone to protect the civilian population.

“The administration is also discussing the possibility of providing military and logistical support to the revolutionary forces. In this respect, the Obama administration is obviously reviewing its policy towards Syria… Well informed sources were quoted in this respect by Al-Hayat as saying: “Washington was being careful in the last period at the level of its approach and was not very enthusiastic about Turkey’s wish to establish a buffer zone. However, change has taken place and the administration is now contemplating this possibility more seriously. Moreover, it is discussing the idea with both Jordan and Turkey and these contacts are being conducted in cooperation with the US Department of Defense.”

“The sources added: “A change has taken place in the American vision and there is now a wish to adopt the military option in Syria, even if this intervention will not necessarily feature direct American intervention or even a leading American role in the operations…” An official at the White House told Al-Hayat that if the current ceasefire collapses, “we will discuss with our international partners the possibility of increasing the pressures and of adopting punitive measures against Syria at the Security Council. Our allies have all agreed that in case Kofi Annan’s mission fails, the regime should pay a high price and should be held accountable for that failure… Let us not forget that most violations are being committed by the regime forces and we will not accept the statements that are being made by some foreign parties saying that this is not the case”, in reference to the statements made earlier by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov…”


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April 20, 2012 at 6:18 pm

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