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Agreeing with Michael Young on Obama, but rejecting the Iraq 2.0 desire

The Neo-LiberalCons indeed have Obama right in ONE important aspect. Young sums it up, the same point they have been hammering away at for three years:

“However, it’s difficult not to lament the fact that Obama’s haste in exiting from the Middle East, unseemly haste, has denied him a golden opportunity to redefine America’s regional role. After decades of stalemate, which America buttressed, the Arab countries are going through great transformations. Yet all Obama appears to want to do is leave the house and slam the door, as if ending a bad marriage. Surprisingly, Obama has earned high praise from numerous American pundits for lacking any vision whatsoever in dealing with the Arab uprisings. It’s funny how the foreign policy commentariat has traditionally been partial to those favoring nullifying prudence over audacity that might open up new political opportunities. Obama used the term “audacity to hope” in his election campaign, but when hope was expressed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, what most of us saw was an American president almost irritated by this…”

— But you see here where the tumor is – and for those who know Young’s position as the purveyor of using “Liberal” violence in most situations of illiberalism, this part is fun:
“…The careful lawyer in Obama didn’t quite know how to react to this remarkable renaissance of ideas. Rather than identify an opening (in the same way, for example, that Qatar did) for America to mobilize its tremendous ideological influence and soft power, the president made it seem as if Arab aspirations were an imposition on American priorities elsewhere.”
— Of course Qatar is a most illiberal and generally awful example to be followed in either the last machinations/violence or their overall policy/essence!
BUT here is the main point, once again: Young and others rightly hate Obama because he is not acting with audacity and deftness in proactively intervening in the region and pushing it towards liberalism. The problem is that Young and the others see the proper, moral even, route as one paved on top of a tank… as in Iraq.
They want war, whereas the progressive approach is for the US to get actively engaged, change the logic of the US negotiating position, make concessions to FAR weaker actors on legit grievances and BUILD for peace…. rather than risking other people’s lives.

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April 7, 2012 at 8:08 pm

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