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Hillary says “deputy” Syrian Oil minister defects on CBS

Can someone let me know if I am missing something – Is Hillary Clinton referring to the embarrassing saga of the supposedly “deputy” oil minister defecting …. from March… but referring to it NOW?

Clarissa Ward has this interview here from the other day. Is HRC rehashing bad old news (the guy turned out to be a minor secretary etc)

“Well today we heard from a deputy Oil Minister who defected. We do see those kinds of cracks. We think the defections from the military are in the thousands,” Clinton said.

More on this subject in a bit – regarding how unhelpful and wrong the confident pronouncements of US officials have been – and how these confident pronouncements have actually great hurt the prospects of freeing Syria with as little violence as possible.

Also – the NYT has reference here to my FP article on Nasrallah and Syria – but a lot to criticize there… in a bit.

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April 6, 2012 at 2:49 pm

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