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Blowback for Egypt’s Brotherhood When It Runs for President: Noe & Raad

From our Monday Bloomberg column available in full here:

From the left and right, secular and pious, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is facing harsh criticism for revoking its pledge to offer no candidate in presidential elections next month.

The turnaround comes as relations between the Brotherhood and Egypt’s ruling military leaders have soured publicly and a range of political groups, led by liberals and secularists, have withdrawn from the Islamist-dominated committee charged with writing a new constitution.

At the same time, the Brotherhood is confronted with a strong challenge by the popular Salafist — or ultra-fundamentalist — candidate for president, Hazem Abu Ismail. His massive postering campaign became the subject of mockery among his detractors in the social media (@randatawil Tweeted : “Now when you want to describe an address to someone, you better say, keep going in the street with Abu-Ismail posters, then you will find a crossroad. Leave the first poster and the second poster and with the third one, turn to the left.”), but his candidacy is no joke.

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April 4, 2012 at 12:50 pm

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