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Fahmy Houweidi takes down the MB presidency bid

They are hearing it form all ends – from our translation today:

On April 2, the prominent Islamic writer, Fahmy Houweidi, carried the following opinion piece in the Ash-Shorouk daily: “I was not convinced with the excuses presented by the Brothers to justify their nomination of a candidate to take part in the presidential elections. I had previously expressed my reservations when they formed a cabinet because I thought this was a dangerous “adventure.” However, the talk about the presidential nomination that was carried the day before yesterday actually doubles my reservations. In this context, I have several comments concerning the shape and the subject itself.

“When it comes to the form, they said that the nomination of Engineer Khayrat al-Shater was voted on within the Brothers Shura council and that 54 members supported it while 52 others did not… The results of this last voting needs to be pondered. Indeed, only two votes led to the nomination. In an issue as important as the one at hand, the decision should not have been made based on this slight majority. In addition, leaders of the Justice and Development party as well as Sayed Medi Akef, the former Brothers’ guide, were at the top of the people who opposed this decision. This means that the opposing parties have a special qualitative and quantitative weight…

“Also on the issue of the form, the following question is raised: Did the Brothers leaders carry this step out without any consultation or agreement with the Military Council? If the answer is yes, then we have the right to know the contents and limits of that agreement. And if the answer is no, then are the MBs ready for a clash with the council and are they ready to bear the repercussions and price of that clash?

“..The fourth and final point concerning the form is: How could the Brothers possibly think that the national Egyptian groups and the entire Egyptian society will accept the MBs’ presidency of the People and Shura council as well as the Constituent Constitutional Committee, the prime ministry, and the presidency as well…?

“When it comes to the subject itself, several questions are raised such as:
– Are the Brothers ready to bear the responsibilities that they heading to…?
– Don’t they realize that the masses’ votes in their favor during the parliamentary elections could have entirely different motives during the presidential elections…?
– Do the Brothers expect to be capable of facing the domestic challenges alone? Such challenges mainly include the security chaos and turning the economic wheel and achieving social justice…?

“- Don’t the Brothers realize that some Arab countries are concerned about them and some are conflicting with them and some other countries support other parties [than the Brothers]?
– Did they also fail to realize that the peace treaty with Israel, about which they have failed to take a position, represents one of the most important challenges concerning their external politics…?”


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April 3, 2012 at 9:23 pm

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