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Michael Young: Many Syrians Prefer Civil War to More Assad

Michael is frustrated the path to war and intervention in Syria has been cut short. His singular thesis in his book on the Cedar Revolution has it that freedom needs some egg-breaking – and as in Iraq – this needs a preponderant push from the outside.

The moral and strategic consequences of this vein of thinking is now pretty well known and discredited – look at the cost in just lives and then size this up TO THE ALTERNATIVE POLICY APPROACHES THAT EXISTED AND EXIST NOW ON SYRIA. They used their juice up in Iraq – for natives and for westerners, thankfully.

Obama is not biting and the majority of americans dont buy it, too, thankfully. But Michael has this incredible graf, which we should all be very careful to make from the comfortable confines of Hamra and Achrafieh:

“…The problem is that most Syrians are wise to the dangers of Annan’s plan. Many prefer civil war to more Assad rule, compounded by barbarous retribution if the Syrian president regains his grip. Annan wants Assad’s victims to cede to their president the latitude to subjugate them for years to come. The provisos in his project manufactured in New York won’t change that. Annan’s six points offer only generalities to defend the Syrian people, with no valid implementation mechanism, and no penalties if Assad ignores the conditions…”


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March 31, 2012 at 9:12 pm

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