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What to read on negotiating a solution in Syria now? There’s not much but…Aram & Julien’s new pieces

Sadly there is STILL very little in the english language think o sphere on how to approach the Annan plan and the current phase. ICG, USIP and the traditional non-war folks NEED TO GET THE MACHINERY cranking… fast.

Mona’s NYT piece the other day is still talking about a “controlled collapse” and more pressure…. which was a bad idea months ago and which helped lead down a road that the western powers were NOT ever really willing to back up.

So instead of raising false expectations, read this great report by Aram at CSIS that has this below – and also read THIS by Julien – A GREAT GREAT REPORT (my piece in february is here):

The Annan peace effort has few near term chances to succeed, given divisions at all levels of the crisis, the lack of trust between competing Syrian forces, and the absence of clear paths to national stability for Syria. However, given the regional risks, supporting a sustained diplomatic effort to tackle the crisis, and humanitarian efforts to limit the impact of its violence, remain better options than the alternatives. All the options currently facing Syria are bad, but a UN-brokered peace process may be the best of the lot.

No link yet:

Taking a Step Forward on Syria
By Aram Nerguizian: Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy and Joy Aoun: Program on Crisis, Conflict, and Cooperation (C3)


READ Julien’s piece – the best roadmap yet…

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