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New York Times replaces Anthony Shadid with… Local NYC beat reporter who dabbles in Libya too!

UPDATE – ben gilbert points out quite rightfully: “Anne was co-Baghdad Bureau chief at the Boston Globe for several years, then bureau chief of the Globe’s Jerusalem bureau,”

— the point is, one, that Anne is not only a reporter on NYC, she has experience in the middle east. That is what these blogs are for, so that we all can get more accurate by drawing on other people’s knowledge.

BUT, the main point still stands:  it is a bad idea to send a reporter who is not intimately familiar with syria to cover syria… especially not now….


Ah the Internet’s usefulness! In another incredible turn of foreign reporting here in Beirut, the NY Times has apparently replaced Anthony Shadid, for the moment, with… a reporter intimately familiar with New York City. If you click on her byline name, you can see the term “parachute journalism” in all of its grandeur… A few reports on Libya were stepped into, but other than that, what experience does she have on the critical issue at hand?

Is this serious? The NY Times could not find someone else, at this moment of extreme interest in Syria, to cover events? Is Anne Bernard here even? It says Beirut, but names another reporter later on as reporting from here.

Here are some headlines of her recent stories – clearly related to the real clear events in Syria, which she is able to unmask in her report on the pro-Assad demos the other day:

Starbucks Mutiny Exposes New York’s Reliance on Chain’s Toilets
Wall St. Protest Isn’t Like Ours, Tea Party Says
Woman Charged as Madam Has Powerful Ties, Prosecutor Tells Judge
Mormon Church’s Plans for Land Upset Harlem
Gowanus Canal Repairs Collapse Brooklyn Slaughterhouse
Russian Ballet, Brooklyn Flavor

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March 16, 2012 at 1:56 pm

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