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Michael Young: Extreme Clarity on Syria

Michael Young’s piece today is a must read to understand the pro-war punditry which obama and many others have criticized as operating so carelessly and recklessly when it comes to Syria.

It is SO clear Young says – why complicate the picture when it is obvious that applying violence is the only, nay the most moral option?

Of course, it is both the least moral and worst strategic option now, but this argument merely, needlessly muddles the picture.

Some of the classic illiberalism, the yearning for war, is here in this sentence:

“But his tone, like Panetta’s, suggested that this was more a case of contingency planning than the reflection of a serious desire to go to war in Syria.”

and then:

“The same lassitude is evident in Syria. The options are limited; the situation is thorny; there isn’t a lot America can do. These are the despondent tropes we hear time and again from the administration, as if the situation in Syria is, above all, a matter of persuading the American public that Obama is blameless.”

Of course I agree with this final bit, below – it’s just that Young’s only recommendations, so often, reside in the application of violence – usually to other native populations.

“But politics and foreign policy are about imagination, about creating opportunities, about turning complex situations to one’s advantage.”

— Exactly – but having an imaginative foreign policy that does NOT rest solely on applying violence is the real hard work – in fact, it is a truly liberal endeavor!

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March 13, 2012 at 2:56 pm

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