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NYT manages to turn a story about dangers of military use in Syria into a YES WE CAN STORY

Incredible that the NYT manages to leave to the VERY end the fact that Syria has WMDs… and only then, the implication is not their use, but that the dumb arabs would “fry themselves” moving them or small, rogue actors would get them!

Actually, military intervention would be FAR HARDER than the “not quite a cakewalk” scenario which the last US official poses in the piece… not to mention that the WMDs and missiles can go very very far including to Israel, Turkey – US bases in the region etc.

SO EVEN in a piece that finally starts to get the realistic balance of power argument out there in public, still, the picture is one of dumb arabs who cant really put up too much of a fight vis a vis America that can “do anything” as one other US official puts it.

Look here how WMDs are not even mentioned:

“Although the United States has the military capability to launch sustained airstrikes in Syria — “We can do anything,” the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, told the Senate last week — defense officials say they are concerned about four tough challenges: the risks in attacking Syria’s plentiful and sophisticated Russian-made air defenses, which are located close to major population centers; arming a deeply splintered Syrian opposition; the potential for starting a proxy war with Iran or Russia, two crucial allies of Syria; and the lack, at least so far, of an international coalition willing to take action against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


Where in the world did they find this Eric Schmitt to write such a piece which misses the obvious points. Of course when you only talk to ONE SOURCE – THE US MILITARY ITSELF… that is what you get…. a fluff piece that does more damage to the cause of raising, in public, the real risks of intervention.

Here is the last bit of dumb arabs – note the concern is NOT THE USE OF WMDs by the regime in the event of an onslaught but controlling their dissemination after the nice controlled collapse!:

“Administration officials say that they remain concerned about Syria’s chemical and biological weapons, believed to be among the largest stockpiles in the world, and that they are in discussions with allies in the region about how to secure them.

“I’m not saying it’s a fait accompli that if they’re left unsecured, automatically someone can grab them and use them,” General Mattis said. “They may end up frying themselves. But I think that it’s going to take an international effort when Assad falls, and he will fall, in order to secure these weapons.”

— How can this journo go from admitting at the end Syria has AMONG THE LARGEST STOCKPILES OF WMDs in the world…. and then not even contemplating their use BY THE REGIME ITSELF.


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March 12, 2012 at 9:07 pm

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