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IDF predicting… only 200 causalties from hizbullah rocket fire in next war

If they really believe this then yet another reason Israel will attack in the coming period. Note the Dahiye Doctrine logic as well – ONE IN TEN LEBANESE houses have Hizbullah rockets hidden within….they say

Hilarious, of course, but they may actually believe this.

Note as well questions which the reporter does not ask (presumably) – what is the DURATION of conflict the IDF is expecting? Nine Iron Dome systems protect the WHOLE country, almost…. but for what DURATION (even if the original claim proves true).


“These ranges cover all of Gush Dan, from Syria, Lebanon and Iran,” said Kochavi, referring to the coastal plain around Tel Aviv. “The warheads on these missiles are becoming ever more deadly, weighing hundreds of kilograms. They are becoming ever more accurate, and the entire network is becoming more dispersed, more concealed, and more integrated into an urban environment. Every tenth house in Lebanon has a missile arsenal or a launching pad.”

Kochavi’s remarks underscored the growing missile threat on Israel’s home front. While the Home Front Command has been working on a plan to reinforce buildings in the most vulnerable parts of the country, even after it is complete, 1.5 million Israelis will lack appropriate access to shelters.

During the Second Lebanon War of 2006, some 4,000 rockets were launched at Israel. The IDF expects the number of missile launches in the next war to be ten times that figure, of which it expects several thousand to actually hit: around 7,500 to 10,000 short-range rockets, 1,800 to 2,300 medium-range rockets and some 300 long-range rockets. It predicts that these missiles will kill about 200 civilians and destroy thousands of homes.

To counter this, Israel has developed a range of missile-defense systems, including Iron Dome for short-range rockets, David’s Sling (also known as Magic Wand ) for medium-range missiles and the Arrow for long-range missiles. The IDF believes that nine Iron Dome batteries could protect a sizable percentage of the population in any future war, and that without these batteries, civilian deaths would be double the 200 cited above.


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