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It’s Not About the Syrian Opposition Stupid!

Western Diplomats and reporters just cant seem to get it right – even if there was a unified Syrian opposition, Assad, the regime and his existential allies (Hizbullah and Iran) can bring tremendous regional pain to bear if pushed towards and over their collective redlines.

Stop dreaming and start recognizing that but one small part of the real balance of power resides in Assad’s WMD capability at the very very least…. Start there and keep building towards a reasonable calculus.

That way you can be clear with yourselves and with your publics, please, so we can stop the delusional thinking that is leading everyone towards disaster.


“Rep. Adam Smith(D-WA) spoke Thursday morning in a breakfast meeting with reporters in Washington…yria is different than Libya because the opposition is spread throughout the country, and doesn’t hold any territory, according to Smith. Assisting Syrians would therefore be logistically problematic, he said.

“In Syria, it’s a mess … it would be very difficult to act in the first place in a way that would make a difference,” he said…”


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March 2, 2012 at 2:15 pm

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