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Smart New York Times Writers, for sure, But Clueless in Beirut

An unfortunate fluff piece by Rachel B. Doyle on the new Zeituny Bay complex, near where Hariri was killed here. Forget that there is little beyond the cursory cliches of Civil War history…. What bothered me is no attempt to situate the project in even its current context, which is very much contested.

She has this understatement: “The offerings at Zaitunay Bay are distinctly high-end.”

Doyle could have referred to the epic debates over Solidere and how the old downtown – cross class/cross culture – has been subsumed by priojects like Zeituny Bay which ONLY admit/welcome the very, very wealthy. The 1% in the arab world – not to mention the specifically Gulfie bent which has marred so much of the rehabilitation of downtown (look how the souq design was changed by Solidere at the last minute to Gulfi-size it).

Wouldn’t some hint of sadness over this project have made the piece less a travel fluff/advert job?


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March 1, 2012 at 2:04 pm

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