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When Democracy promoters dont like messy democracy…and yearn for Mubarak era!

POMED’s Stephen McInerney has this to say about the NGO case in Egypt:

“How much faith Washington can put in those assurances, however, remains to be seen. Fueling the United States’ impatience have been Cairo’s confusing, and often conflicting, messages. Unlike the Mubarak era, when there were relatively clear lines of command, the past year in Egypt has been marked by the rapid emergence of multiple centers of power competing for political control. Egypt’s actual foreign policy has been almost indecipherable.”

— This just reinforces the seemingly predominant Egyptian view that the US does not like it when democracy starts to promote outcomes which hamper or obstruct or slow down or contradict its interests.

Sadly, it comes from one of the main democracy promoters!

Here is our Bloomberg piece on the matter.

And Stephen – on the license issue – please you folks need to stop complaining…:

“Both groups were told repeatedly that their registration would be granted, but it never was and no explanation was given”

You know how this works – you did NOT HAVE THE LICENSES approved yet – as a result YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED. Period…. but because it was Mubarak, you folks knew you could work on the ground even with the legal aspect hanging over you, since pressure could be brought by DC. but in the end YOU WERE NOT LICENSED.

— Also – Stephen you write this: “As such, the administration should take a tougher line, making clear that military aid will certainly be interrupted unless the attacks on NGOs are halted and all charges are dropped.”

You well know that pressing the Egyptians by cutting off the aid would imperil the Accords… so they got you, it seems. The US cannot afford to imperil Camp David period.

It seems, for better or worse, Naga and her backers in the military etc are playing this one quite well.

Welcome to the new Egypt.



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February 24, 2012 at 12:55 pm

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