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Jordan’s PM Khasawneh: Bob Dole’s bridge to the past was correct; King has religious heritage and is in people’s interests

A great, liberal reformer, Khasawneh in Jordan has this to say to a fellow monarch’s paper (Hashemites NEVER came to power on top of a tank, of course…)

[Asharq Al-Awsat] What is the basic and final objective of reform?

[Khasawneh] First and at present, the important thing is to secure the country’s safety. But this does not mean to wait for the storm of the Arab Spring [to come]. We have to build Jordan on firm foundations so that the country can live on these foundations. The Arab Spring has proved that the old way in the Arab world is no longer workable. The goal is to find an equation so that we can restore the civil state that existed in the Constitution in the 1950s, and to end segregation between citizens so that the will of the people will not be forged. All these are not favours by the government, but are rights for the Jordanians and for Arab citizens. We want to restore what existed in the 1950s. We want justice and law to be the true guarantee of the survival and continuation of states. There is no problem in Jordan because the regime is not built on a person who came atop a tank in a military coup. The regime in Jordan is built on a royal dynasty that has religious heritage. So there is nothing to prevent concord between the regime and the people’s interest.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] Islamic movements and Islamic political parties are on the rise; there are people who fear these movements and some who complain about this fear. What do you think?

[Khasawneh] These are not charitable societies but political movements. This does not prevent or change the reality that they have a legitimate right to play their role. They have weight in Jordanian society as they do in other Arab societies. But I believe that there is exaggeration of their weight in Jordan. This is prediction. Let the ballot boxes prove [this]. We cannot decide that there is fear and build everything on this fear. I am of the view that intimidation and exaggeration of the Islamic movements is overblown. I met with them several times and they emphasized that they were opposed to raising the ceiling of slogans, that they are with the Hashemite leadership in Jordan, and that they do not want to change it…”

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February 2, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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