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How can Shadi Hamid argue this?

Sadly Shadi joins the ranks of folks who can effortlessly throw sentences like this below out there for mass consumption – i.e. THE CAKEWALK scenario….. very irresponsible.

I have a piece coming out shortly that argues strenuously against the liberal and neo-con consensus on syria…. we will see if it actually gets through in the venue I am aiming for…

from –

“…Hastening Bashar al-Assad’s fall, aside from being the right thing to do, would also be squarely in our self-interest. The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis would be destroyed. Iran would find itself significantly weakened without its traditional entry point into the Arab world. Hezbollah, dependent on both Iranian and Syrian military and financial support, would also suffer. A democratic Syria, meanwhile, would likely be more…”


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January 27, 2012 at 7:16 pm

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