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Poor Reporting on Syria

Mona Alami at IPS throws around ledes like this below which say FULL BLOWN ARMED REBELLION is happening in Homs.

But how can we believe her when the NYT the day before is taken on a tour of that very city and we hear a very different assessment ON THE GROUND…. rather than from beirut!


Cracks Widen in Syrian Economy By Mona Alami BEIRUT, Jan 24, 2012 (IPS) – As the Syrian uprising enters its tenth month, the country’s economy is suffering. Since last March, the Syrian government has been cracking down on pro-democracy protests, and the once peaceful uprising has morphed into a full-blown armed rebellion in areas such as Homs, Hama and Jabal al-Zawiya.



A government-sponsored tour of Homs on Monday provided a glimpse of the killings in the city, bloodshed that has served as a warning to Syrians and the world about what the end of the uprising might look like, if neither the government nor its opponents yield any ground.

It also provided a measure of the gap between narratives in the Syrian conflict.  While protesters have spoken for months about the ferocity of the government crackdown, on Monday, at a military hospital and a city neighborhood controlled by the army, the only opponents people acknowledged were gunmen who they said were terrorizing the city.


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