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What US officials (Feltman?) are saying on Iran in Arabic – we can take them out easy

Look at this – likely Feltman – bit of bravado…. so different than in English! The reason why I think it is feltman…. because he loves THE STRONG HORSE these of his friend Lee Smith….And this is a strong horse message to the arabs…

Incredible bits of bravado –

From our Mideastwire briefing today:

On January 20, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily carried the following report: “The American officials have never felt more relieved than now with respect to the process of the events in their confrontation with Iran during the past few years. A prominent official said during a private gathering that “anyone who brandishes the military option is in a weak position. We used to threaten Iran militarily in the past years and now, things have flipped over and it is Iran that is threatening us.”

“On the military level, it seems that there is no American fear from the Iranian military force or any other military force in the world. The numbers indicate that all the Russian battleships for instance “have a firepower equaling that of the sixth American fleet alone, which is based in the Mediterranean.” As for the Iranian threat to shut down the Hormuz Strait, “this is just media talk…” because the American officials have no doubt that, in the event of the breaking out of a military confrontation with Iran, the American force are capable of completely “finishing” its Iranian counterpart within a few days.

“The confrontation has always been a political one,” says the American official to his European diplomatic guests. He added: “Politics had never been a strong point for the former governments so Tehran came ahead of us. But today, we have the upper hand in the confrontation with the Iranians.” Diplomacy needs patience. The American official then distributed a report about the Iranian economy along with news clippings about the preventing of the Iranian government from carrying out banking operations outside the banks in an attempt at preserving the country’s foreign currencies’ stocks. “We had previously said that the sanctions against Iran have teeth and that they will bite.”

“…The official also said that Obama “is wondering how Washington had ever thought that the only existing solutions in the confrontation with Iran are only military solutions.” He added: “The president believes that if the country with the largest economy in the world (i.e. the USA) and the country with the largest number of allies and international relations cannot succeed in altering the Iranian nuclear oath, then no one else can win any diplomatic battle, no matter what it is.”

“The official then listed what he considered to be the “signs” of the Iranians’ backing away from their former stiff position that rejects the suspension of the nuclear enrichment. He added: “Tehran used to refuse any talk about what it dubbed its right to enrichment. Today, it is calling on the 5+1 countries to launch a discussion around this issue. It also promised to open its doors for the international inspectors.”

“Of course, the American official believes that Tehran is trying to “buy time” but the USA is in a relatively comfortable situation “because Russia and China can no longer blame us for using an escalated tone against the Iranians…[ellipses as published]. We told the Russians, the Chinese, and the world, that we are ready to launch a direct dialogue without any terms and the Iranians are the ones who rejected this offer and who clang to a tone of escalation perhaps because of arrogance or something like that…”


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