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Syria and the dangerous myth of the inevitable collapse

In the middle of the beirut exchange now – and meeting people for and against and neutral on the regime in syria. There are some real principled people in this fight, including one we saw today who, if he wanted to, could be the opposition candidate and western selection for a Bashar replacement. He will not – though he could be a millionaire tomorrow – because of his conviction, beyond duress, about the nature of the changes and unrest in syria and the external interventions.

More on this shortly – but Washington and others will start to have to come to term with the poverty of the discourse which they almost immediately launched – that this regime will inevitablly (and some suggested effortlessly and/or with a manageable level of bloodshed) collapse.

Get ready for a long, tortured ride folks whose ends may very well hurt US and democratic interests intensely.

Sad that there was so little discussion in DC and elsewhere about alternatives (which there were).


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January 11, 2012 at 9:08 pm

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