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Elaph runs piece which is GOOD for Syrian regime – first time in a LONG time

An important piece on the Saudi website that is regularly criticized for publishing silly, trashy stuff…. but this piece is GOOD news for the regime…. depending on the veracity.

Interesting to see more and more of these types of pieces in the media…

From our briefing today:

On January 3, the Saudi-owned Elaph website carried the following report: “Syrian sources indicated that, amidst the upcoming scenarios that are being prepared for Syria, the number of the Syrian opposition hawks is growing thinner. The sources gave the supporting evidence of the shift in the speech of the “tough” oppositionists to a “moderate” speech… The sources gave the example of Syrian opposition figure, Haytham al-Maleh, who recently joined the National Council. The harshness of his speech dropped and it became more in line with the speech of the Council, which rejects external interference…and insists on the peaceful nature of the revolution…

“The sources further indicated that, as the Street is refusing Bashar al-Assad’s step down in return for abstaining from trying him, the sources are monitoring Syrian oppositionists who turned into doves in return for an interim cabinet or an upcoming ministerial post, or the desire to sit on the negotiations table with the regime under the pretext of halting the bloodshed or [responding to] a regional desire.

“It seems that the ceiling of the oppositionists has dropped months after the launching of the revolution; and the high pitches have toned down in fear of not having a post in the future Syria. Meanwhile, there is talk about a Russian scenario offered to the opposition doves. This scenario consists of coming up with a short-term time schedule in order to achieve the contents of the Arab League initiative and setting a near deadline for launching the negotiations around the new interim regime where Russia will take part in establishing this regime and it will be one of the guarantors for the existence and persistence of this regime.

“The observers believe that Russia is capable of playing this part and that “the opposition cannot hinder the role of Russia and that it has the duty of facilitating it…because, in any case, this is the best option available to us today as Syrians who love their country.”

“In commenting on that, the Syrian Oppositionist, Okab Yehia, told Elaph that “we are catching the smell and even the smells of several dishes being cooked on tricky fires with the aim of prolonging the life of the regime… These are attempts at stepping out of a deadly crisis for the regime. But [these attempts] will not succeed as long as the revolution is determined to sacrifice and not to regress and as long as the people are the decision makers…”

“He insisted: “We are all worth nothing if it wasn’t for the revolution. Therefore, all the opposition doves will see their wings broken if one of them dares to step into a shady situation. This is because the people who have sacrificed their blood and the convoys of martyrs will accept no less than the head of the regime, its bases, and its symbols, in addition to trying the murderers as war criminals…””


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January 3, 2012 at 8:13 pm

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