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Mitchell Prothero responds to As’ad

Mitchell’s response to Angry Arab has several problems – at the top of which is that he thinks the “math” does not add up in justifying the Hizbullah source’s argument that they are focused on arms related folks in their detention – citing a security source guy who really says “10” guys only are related to AQ is the upsurd part…. Also, mitchell needs to give greater consideration to the dirty work being conducted by Non hizb folks.

Also – this bit

“They’re also an incredibly confident bunch and most of the guys I speak with withhold a lot of information but only tell me stuff that won’t hurt the party. They don’t think that any story I write could really hurt them, and they’re right. they don’t tell me that sort of stuff. Actually to be fair, in the dozens of conversations I’ve had with military wing fighters over the last five or so years, I can’t think of one thing anyone ever told me that would hurt the group.”

— That does not make sense – Hizb is very aware and sensitive how negative stories in arabic especially and in english affect them…



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December 28, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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