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The main event – the narrowing race over missle defense

Yet another huge, unprecedented move by the US towards Israel to stunt the “ever evolving technology of war” which Hillary warned AIPAC in 2010 was not on Israel’s side.

Such moves, in the absence of mitigation steps and peace processes, merely ramp up the timeline on the approaching war.


US Grants Israel Additional $235 Million for Rocket Defenses

Israel’s Ministry of Defense said on Sunday that the United States has promised an additional $235 million to be spent on its rocket defense system. The funding is in addition to the roughly $3 billion Israel in money for defense that the Jewish state receives yearly. The United States has funded the research and development of Israel’s primary anti-missile defense stalwarts, the Arrow and Iron Dome systems. The funding has prompted some to imply a connection to the upcoming presidential election into which Israel’s treatment by parties and candidates has been shaped as a weighty element of the foreign policy debate.



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December 26, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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