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Muallem’s news conference on the AKP

From his dec 19 presser:

[Correspondent] Does Syria hold contacts with Turkey and some other countries, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and can relations with them resume?

[Al-Mu’allim] In fact, I would like to focus on Turkey. There are no official contacts between me and the Turkish foreign minister, on the one hand, or between the Syrian president and the Turkish leadership, on the other Hand. The reason for this is the policy pursued by the Justice and Development Party, which looks at the situation in Syria with one eye. This made them impose sanctions against Syria and harbour groups that do not wish well for Syria. The economic measures imposed by us on Turkey were a response to the Turkish sanctions, and I think that this situation is temporary. We are seeking the wellbeing of the friendly, neighbouring, and fraternal Turkish people and we are concerned about the interests of the Turkish people. If the Justice and Development Party decides to reconsider its position, then we will see to it. In the past 10 years, we sought to build strategic relations with Turkey but it has damaged them and we have taken measures in retal! iation for their position. This also applies to the other countries you have just mentioned.


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