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The effects of isolation on Nasrallah…. and his Critics

Michael Young has this to say about Nasrallah:

“There are several accounts of Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s life, most made available by the Hezbollah leader himself over the years to various publications. Taken together, they serve as a terse official biography. In one of these, we learn that even as a boy, Nasrallah was religious and devoted to Imam Musa Sadr. When other boys went to the beach, Nasrallah rode to the old downtown area of Beirut, from his home in Karantina, to buy religious books.

How instructive it is to picture the young Hasan joining the teeming crowds around Martyrs Square, a movable surrender to the senses and to raucous pluralism, under the blistering Mediterranean sun grilling his carefree comrades not so very far away, to pick up his Koranic texts. But it would be a mistake merely to view this as a tale of youthful earnestness, or humorlessness. Rather, it tells us much, if the story is true – and more so if it isn’t – about Nasrallah’s detachment from the essential features making Lebanon what it is.”

— Of course, the same can be said about Michael and so many of the M14 folks who have so little direct attachment/engagement with the rest of Lebanon beyond Achrafieh (bless Sami Gemayel’s heart for saying in public – never having visited a Shi’i village – what so many of these folks acknowledge timidly in private).

— The myth of a Nasrallah resisting the raucous pluralism of the Square is of course a purely Young-made myth based on a Youngian assumption.

— What I find most interesting here, though, is this idea: if true it’s interesting, Young, said; if not true, even more interesting? Huh? Friedmanesque to the max.

READ BELEN FERNANDEZ’S “Imperial Messenger” book about Tom Friedman! Hilarious, excellent read.




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