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Why is the CIA talking now? And why would Hizbullah fall prey in Hariri hit to the techniques it was using?

In the US here the mass media spin is that Hizbullah probably executed the operatives…. which peaked my interest.

But I still don’t understand – why are US officials pushing this storyline NOW?

One interesting aspect is the Hizbullah use of telecom equipment supposedly – one wonders 1) were they using the equipment that the US supposedly gave to the Information Branch? Was there an end use deviation or was the LAF given some equipment and diverted it?

2) The AP story suggested that Hizbullah was marshaling this tech as early as 2004!

Which means, for the STL, are we really really to believe that Hizbullah would make virtually THE SAME mistakes in the Hariri hit that its targets were making?


Written by nickbiddlenoe

November 22, 2011 at 2:40 am

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