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When Hamas and Israel agree

What a difference a few years make – convergent interests between Israel and Hamas as viewed by an Israeli analyst here.

Israel now has three borders that are essentially in play and “hot” – up from ZERO post July 2006 war and the supposed quiet on the lebanon border which that war supposedly brought…

“…The repeated attacks by Salafist terrorists in the Sinai against Israel and Egypt are intended to lead to an abrogation of the peace treaty between the two countries by creating escalating provocations, damage mutual Egyptian-Israeli economic interests (chiefly the gas supply agreement), and strengthen ties with Salafist jihadist groups in the Gaza Strip. Operational and ideological cooperation between Egyptian and Gazan Salafists is also a blatant challenge to the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. All these elements could drag the region into a comprehensive war in the south, something neither Hamas nor Israel is interested in, and even cause the military and political ties between the new regime in Egypt and Israel to deteriorate….”


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November 21, 2011 at 11:45 pm

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