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Israel ready for war – “closer by the day”

Israel ready for war – “closer by the day… from a Voice of Israel interview with DM Baraq on Nov 17

[Golan] Chief of Staff Gantz said at the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee this week that Israel will eventually have to take action to deal with the problem of missiles and rockets from Gaza. What has to happen to prompt our operation in Gaza? In other words, what should they avoid doing to avoid meeting our troops in the Gaza Strip?

[Baraq] The chief of staff made the remarks following conversations we had held, and I think he described the situation very correctly. He said this is not something we should be dragged into, that if and when we get there – and no one is raring to get there, not the chief of staff, not I, and definitely not you – if we get there, we should do it right – namely, by our initiative, having thought it out first, being ready with a minimum number of Iron Dome batteries and interceptors, with action plans and other offensive and defensive technical preparations. Only having done all that should we act, rather than be dragged into action due to an escalation. A number of things will be factored in. I don’t think it will or should happen.

[Golan] Are we not close to it right now?

[Baraq] We are a day closer every day. We hope we won’t need it at all, but if we get there, we won’t recoil. What the chief of staff said was a fundamental thing for the army: It has to properly prepare, and the fundamental thing in a state’s preparedness is thought first and action second, not as the events unrolled in 2006 [Second Lebanon War].


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