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Bye Bye Fast Food Surge

Fred Kagan, sad that his Iraq policy has run up against its own inherent inadequacies and contradictions (but he blames Obama of course), has two interesting admissions here:

“…Although Obama has clearly failed to achieve the goals for Iraq that he set five weeks after taking office, Iran, in contrast, is well on its way to achieving its strategic objectives. Since 2004, Tehran has sought to drive all American forces out of the country, to promote a weak, Shiite-led government in Baghdad, to develop Hezbollah-like political-militia organizations in Iraq through which to exert influence and intimidate pro-Western Iraqi leaders, and to insinuate its theocratic ideology into Iraq’s Shiite clerical establishment. It has largely succeeded in achieving each of those goals.

— Hmm – that is 2004, not 2003 when the invasion began…. I wonder what the bush folks were doing during that critical year during the Iranian entreaties that we know now about? Squandering….

“…This year, however, Shiite militants were able to execute a campaign of targeted assassinations. They also increased rocket and IED attacks on U.S. and Iraqi security forces using technologies that they had tried unsuccessfully to field in 2008 but have since perfected. Militias that had been badly damaged during a surge by U.S. forces were able to reconstitute during the protracted government-formation process, because Iraqi politicians were unwilling to support attacks on groups affiliated with Muqtada Sadr, whose backing was needed for Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s continued premiership.
— Here you have it – the divine surge quickly runs up against the shortcoming which it rests on…..rather than a regional, negotiated solution, we went for a stupid fast food surge. The consequences were of course very likely but not until after an election.

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October 30, 2011 at 2:51 pm

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