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Hizbullah comes out on top after death of Gaddafi?

I think Charles Glass gets it wrong in his piece on Libya and Hizbullah here.

He concludes: The US alerted Gaddafi to a coup attempt, which the new leader thwarted. His gratitude was short-lived, as he forced both the US and UK to abandon their bases in the country and raised Libya’s share of its oil income, which enabled both the building of the infrastructure that today’s rebels are inheriting and the corruption of the dynastic state that Gaddafi imposed. When Tony Blair brought Gaddafi in from the cold after Lockerbie, the US rendered suspects to Libya for special treatment by experienced torturers. No one, except perhaps Hizbullah, comes out of this sordid saga well.

Here is how we put this subject in our weekly Bloomberg column (in full here):

Oct. 24 — Almost every dramatic turn in this year’s Arab uprisings has provided the Mideast’s main actors a chance to indulge in utter hypocrisy. The demise of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi proved no exception.

From Lebanon, the militant Shiite movement Hezbollah congratulated “the Libyan people for turning the page on a regime that has delivered oppression and tyranny to the country for more than four decades.”

The statement failed to even mention the key role played by NATO in bringing down Qaddafi. It did warn that Libyans now “face a responsibility to preserve their resources before they are looted by greedy, big countries.”

Hezbollah was also quiet on the subject of Syria, where its strategic ally, the authoritarian al-Assad dynasty, has been in power for nearly as long as Qaddafi was. The regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is currently engaged in a brutal crackdown on dissent it attributes to “armed terrorist gangs.”

The government of Iran, also a Hezbollah patron, similarly avoided crediting NATO’s role in Libya or discussing possible parallels to Syria. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast declared:

It is a divine promise: For all the dictators and tyrants of history who ignore the nation’s right during their rule, the ultimate destiny is complete obliteration. The Islamic Republic of Iran congratulates the oppressed Muslim people of Libya and the National Transitional Council for the great victory of the Libyan nation, which has been achieved with praiseworthy resistance.

Foreign forces, he added, now have “no excuses” to continue what he called “their interference” in Libya, a description that failed to acknowledge that rebel forces invited and welcomed outside military support. Said Mehmanparast:

It is necessary that these forces leave immediately. The people of this country should be allowed to exercise their right to determine their fate in an atmosphere free of any kind of foreign intervention….




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