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NY Times Weighs in on Iran plot: “Not clear” why Iran would raise the attempt to pit it against KSA!

Imagine my surprise when I read in my alerts from the NY Times this:

October 18, 2011 Compiled: 1:22 AM
Iran Accuses U.S. of Sowing Discord with Murder Charges
Iran’s foreign minister implicitly acknowledged the possibility that the suspected plot to kill the Saudi ambassador might not be pure American fantasy.


BUT then I get this in the meat of the story which does not live up to the alert billing – which itself tries to suggest that the Iranians are now saying, ok, in effect: the plot may not be totally crazy conjecture after all, there may be some merit…. But that is NOT WHAT THE ACTUAL article says here, or what the Iranians are saying…. since they are in fact saying, show us what you got, because we think it is indeed crazy, and this will help us to show you how… i.e. a totally normal reaction in the judicial process in the US, EVEN WHEN THE DEFENDANT THINKS THE CHARGES ARE ridiculous.

NYT: “..But the foreign minister of Iran said his government was at least willing to examine the evidence that the United States claims it has in the case.

.. Projecting a slightly more flexible message than Iran’s ayatollah or president, the foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, said Monday that Iran wanted to see what evidence the United States claims to have. He said in an interview with the official Islamic Republic News Agency that “Iran is ready to study the case patiently” and was “urging Washington to present any existing documents on the issue.”


Then we get this…. how does a NYT journalist not know the basic mechanics, which the Iranian and Arabic media have been commenting on for at least a week (read our Bloomberg column from yesterday posted below), about the Iranian-Saudi conflict and how the US and Israel have long been attempting to expand and map this sectarian conflict on the region as a whole?

“…In an interview with Al Jazeera, Mr. Ahmadinejad expounded on the theme, saying the accusation was “fabricated by Washington to cause a rift between Tehran and Saudi Arabia.” Asked if there was any possible merit to the case, Mr. Ahmadinejad said, “We have categorically rejected this accusation.”

It was not immediately clear why they focused on Iranian-Saudi relations. Ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran have never been particularly friendly, partly because of the Shiite-Sunni schism in Islam. Saudi Arabia, a strong American ally, is overwhelmingly Sunni, while Iran is overwhelmingly Shiite.”


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